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Introducing the partnering brands for the fourth edition of ISKO I-SKOOL™, academic year 2016/2017.



Promoter of the initiative and the largest denim producer worldwide, ISKO™ has asserted itself over the years as the leading interpreter, capable of relentlessly driving market standards and promoting culture with exceptional initiatives that usually involve creative contamination between different partners along the value production chain. Over the years ISKO™ has organized several cultural and relational activities testifying to the company’s commitment to analyzing trends and suggesting concrete solutions aimed at innovating the industry. Lectures, round-tables, debates but also celebratory events dedicated to the worldwide denim community, for unique moments in the name of networking.


This is the Italian ISKO™ specialized center for design and style research. CREATIVE ROOM™, together with its Art Director Massimo Munari, are making ideas, inspirations and solutions available to the denim world by combining pure creativity with the ability to fully enhance the potential of fabrics. For the ISKO I-SKOOL™ project, CREATIVE ROOM™ is leading the operational part of the Denim Design Award by following students through the creation and industrialization of their ideas, bringing their creative ideas to life and letting inspiration become reality.


The Lenzing group is a world market leader headquartered in Austria, with production sites in all major markets as well as a worldwide network of sales and marketing offices. Lenzing supplies the global textile and nonwovens industry with high-quality, botanic cellulose fibers Its portfolio ranges from dissolving pulp to standard and specialty cellulose fibers. Lenzing quality and innovative strength set global standards for cellulose fibers. With 77 years of experience in fiber production, the Lenzing group is the only company worldwide combining the manufacturing of all three cellulose fiber generations on a large industrial scale under one roof – from the classic viscose to modal and the lyocell fiber TENCEL®.


Itema, a leading global provider of best-in-class weaving machines, spare parts and integrated services, is the only manufacturer in the world to provide the top three weft insertion technologies: rapier, airjet and projectile.  The Company is also unique in its sector with two R&D units, of which one – ItemaLab – is dedicated entirely to breakthrough innovations and the development of the “loom of the future.” Itema pioneered a new tailor-made approach specifically dedicated to Denim with latest-generation, high-fabric-quality, unparalleled performance and versatility machines to weave premium denim fabrics for leading Denim Mills and Brands worldwide.

A detail here, an accessory there; are the little touches that make all the difference. This is Reca Group’s philosophy in its search for the unique, the personal and the exclusive. Labels, hangtags, and packaging; whether simple or elaborate, they are defining a brand.



The crystal maker Swarovski is known worldwide as a synonym for quality, beauty and timeless elegance. In fashion, Swarovski’s gorgeous crystals adorn the collections of the world’s greatest designers, endowing their creations with a unique touch of grace and class.


Born in 2011, haikure is an environmentally friendly Italian brand. Its mission is producing a new life style in which the ultimate fashion trends can co-exist with the value of sustainability. This results in a continuous research for product innovation and transparency.

Established in 1981, it is now one of the leading international companies in the denim sector. The Italian Group which is based in Asolo (Treviso) creates, promotes and distributes men’s, women’s and children’s casual wear, accessories and footwear. The company’s mission has always been to excel in its innovative style, characteristic Italian design and superior quality of its products.

Born in January 2011. Completely designed and manufactured in Italy. Peter Non is the “non-shoe”. They are not made for “this” or “that”, they transcend function. Something that you sleep on as easily as you would unconsciously begin walking with your left foot. The name “Peter”, from the greek “petros”, means “stone”: solid, durable and multifaceted in a word “eternal”. The surname, “Non”, is related to the concept of “non-shoe” and embodies the Venetian origins of the brand.

Born from the brilliant intuition and creativity of two brothers, Marco e Vannis Marchi, Liu Jo was founded in 1995 in Carpi, Italian area of excellence for knits. The creative philosophy of the brand is devoted to the enhancement of the natural femininity and beauty of every woman, expressed through a style that is refined, glamorous and always open to individual interpretations. Thanks to a multibrand strategy capable of structuring a complete offer of total look from clothes to shoes to Accessories, today Liu Jo is present in 50 countries and 3 different continents – Europe, Africa and Asia – through a distribution network including over 350 mono-brand points of sales and 5000 multi-brand points of sales world-wide. For more information:

7 For All Mankind the premium denim brand from L.A., prides itself on denim innovation, particularly when it comes to fit, fabric and finish. The world’s premier denim brand from LA. Through quality design, tireless innovation in fabric, fit and finish, 7 For All Mankind creates a foundation for individual expression that is effortless and makes the modern consumer feel sexy and sophisticated 7 days a week. Once, Denim was considered functional. A staple. Dismissed by fashion innovators as the comfort food pf the fashion world…and the came 7 For All Mankind.

CAPSULE is an innovative mobile social electric business platform, which is committed to becoming China's sole platform which integrates outstanding international fashion designers, focusing on original design ability as the core competitiveness. Capsule insists on “Storytelling Product & Attitude Design", through maintaining the freshness of originality and cross-border cooperation Capsule continues making hot fashion events. With the super tagged series products Capsule overturns the traditional internet consumption patterns. SMALL BUT STRONG Capsule only provide SMALL and powerful products, where each product release can bring a surprise.

Betabrand is an online clothing company built by an incredible community of designers, and creative thinkers. Our Instagram-like platform allows participants to post design concepts and ideas for  the community to vote and comment on.  When a trending design concept gains significant traction, Betabrand develops it for production, and, if successfully funded, the designer receives 10% of sales! Thus, designers can create products without spending time or money managing development, tech-packing, sourcing, marketing, advertising, manufacturing and fulfillment of their garments, freeing them up to design more without disruption, or financial risk. Betabrand is excited to have a specific denim challenge for the participants of ISKO I-SKOOL™.  We cannot wait to see what they design for our challenge and we are even more excited to share these talented students with the world!


It is always best to be true to yourself. That’s why the focus of the MUSTANG denim philosophy upholds values like sincerity and authenticity. Apart from the perfect fit in size and cut, you can always spot a pair of MUSTANG jeans by the way they perfectly suit you. In 1948, Albert Sefranek swapped 6 bottles of liquor for 6 original US jeans and thereby laid the cornerstone for a German success story in the denim business. In addition to a sound down-to-earth mentality, innovative drive and creativity particularly characterize the company. It therefore comes as no surprise that MUSTANG was the first to market women’s jeans and corduroy jeans in Europe, as well as producing the first stretch jeans in the world. The portfolio includes a perfectly coordinated lifestyle range, which completes the classical jeans line with licenses for shoes, leather, belts, bodywear, and accessories.


TONELLO is the global leader of garment finishing technologies that, since 1981, has been contributing to the success that made in Italy has enjoyed all over the world. Thanks to its cutting-edge machines and its one-of-a-kind service, it acts side by side with its customers creating a link between the stylists and the companies working, dyeing and finishing the garments.

The evolution of jeans is in their DNA. That's why R&D is in constant development and always ready to capture trends and offer diversification of products and creative collaboration. They start from the creation of the prototype, then the ideas are developed through a production cycle. From cutting and assembly to finishing, including washing, dyeing and ironing, thanks to partnerships with the most innovative Italian laundries.


ISKOTECA™ is the ISKO™ division specialized in research and experimentation, a real creative laboratory where denim expresses its entire potential thanks to a continuous exploration of new treatments and finishings. Not only the best processing to enhance the Made-in-ISKO™ creations are selected here, but this is also where the concept garments for each collection produced by the brand are kept. It is a real “archive” of fashion, featuring over 25,000 garments, all of them perfectly easy to trace and thus to reproduce, for the brand that chooses to be inspired, always finding the needed solution in this meeting place between past and future.

Menabò is a high-experienced marketing and communication agency supporting fashion and denim companies through strategic and operational consulting, both above and below the line. It is a key partner for strategical marketing specially for the denim sector, in which it has a long experience, and it's capable of identifying the correct communication codes with reference to the special product, the goals and the target, with a semiotic and operational analysis.