Denim Seminar: the indigo educational event to foster talent


The Denim Seminar, a two-day event dedicated to the twenty shortlisted students of the Denim Design Award, took place in the CREATIVE ROOM™ headquarters, ISKO™’s Italian style and design think-tank, on March 19th and 20th.
It was a very important moment for ISKO I-SKOOL™ educational activities because the seminar saw the finalists of the Denim Design Award gathered together with tutors, partner’s representatives and the ISKO I-SKOOL™ team for two days of unique workshops – focused on both technical and soft skills development – and practical sessions enabling them to transform their project into real garments poised to steal the limelight on the Final Awards Ceremony catwalk.


Through the many activities of the Denim Seminar students were provided with information and knowledge in order to fully explore the Creative Theme leading them towards the actual production-phase of their design sketches.


The ISKO I-SKOOL™ fifth edition is, in fact, challenging students to confront the social and historical impact of denim by exploring the new main Creative Theme: UnDocumented. This should encourage participants to imagine and foresee the still unwritten rules for the future of denim.


Denim Seminar


Day 1 – March 19th:

The Denim Seminar activities started on Monday 19th with a special welcome introducing the program and objectives of the two days, then getting the students to delve deep into the denim world with a series of unique workshops.

The first session of the seminar “Business overview, innovation, ingredient branding and sustainability” was held by Fabio Di Liberto, ISKO™ Brand Director, covering some of the most important up-to-date topics for the denim and fashion industry, while giving and introduction to the ISKO™ blue world.


Denim Seminar


Later on, the seminar started to focus on the process of creating the most famous blue fabric in the world: thanks to the speeches of those who dedicate their lives to denim, students had the chance to delve into the indigo universe and look from close up at some of the very first steps needed to transform an idea into a finished product.

Baris Ozden, ISKO™ Product Development Manager, explored in detail the very first phase of the denim production process by outlining the topic “From Cotton To Fabric”.


Denim Seminar


Following the production chain the CREATIVE ROOM™ team (Massimo Munari, Wendy Pasinato and Selin Akman) presented the session “From Fabric to Garment”, going through the main steps of the design and industrialization phase for a pair of jeans.


Denim Seminar


As one of ISKO I-SKOOL™’s five Supporting Partners, Lectra introduced its unique vision and company overview, with Caterina Rorro and Barbara Raele, displaying how the company is committed to crafting the premium technologies, facilitating the digital transformation of the industry, empowering brands and manufacturers from design to production.



The afternoon of the first day was then dedicated to a special visit at Tonello Laundry for a guided factory tour of one of the global leaders in garment finishing technologies that, since 1981, has been contributing to the success that Made-in-Italy has enjoyed all over the world.


Denim Seminar


Day 2 – March 20th:

The second day of the seminar started with a unique presentation of the lifework of Alessio Berto, from The Tailor Pattern support, exploring in detail the crucial role played by paper pattern designers in fashion and denim history, while underlying the importance of refocusing on the many technical skills this profession requires.


Denim seminar


It was then time to go through “Man-Made Fibers” with the special Lenzing company presentation, led by Öztürk Hale Bahar, presenting in detail all the amazing innovative and sustainable fabrics part of the company range, while underlying the Lenzing unique all-round responsible approach.



The second part of the day started with another ISKO I-SKOOL™ Main Partner on the spotlight, examining from an inside-the-business point of view the labeling world. The Reca Group presentation, held by Marcello Tarabini Castellani and Antonio Salzàno, helped the students focus on the importance of producing effective and innovative branding solutions in denim and fashion.


Denim Seminar


The proceedings were closed with a focus on the importance of soft skills, as a prerequisite to full-blown creativity, in an innovative and emotionally involving workshop led by Marina Tonella, from 100% Authentic You. A cutting-edge project dedicated to support “personal growth” with tailor-made educational programs to bring creative minds to the next level. A very important activity, an extremely successful conclusion in terms of sharing and participation for the ISKO I-SKOOL™ 5 Denim Seminar.


Denim Seminar


After the seminar the students, accompanied by their tutors and with the support of the ISKO I-SKOOL™ team, will move on the final project handover that will pave the way for the industrialization phase of the garments.


Denim Seminar