ISKO I-SKOOL™ 4 Denim Seminar: days dedicated to denim education

ISKO I-SKOOL™ 4 Denim Seminar: the indigo days dedicated to denim education

Denim Seminar in the CREATIVE ROOM™.


The Denim Seminar, the first of ISKO I-SKOOL™’s educational activities, was hosted in the CREATIVE ROOM™’s headquarters in Castelfranco Veneto (Italy) from March 13 to 15. It saw the participation of all the shortlisted students, with the goal of learning about the supply chain. The three-day seminar was held thanks to the invaluable contribution of some of the project’s prestigious partners: Lenzing, Itema, Reca Group, Tonello, Swarovski and Betabrand. During their first three “Indigo Days”, contest participants got an up-close look at many aspects of the denim industry. Marco Lucietti, Global Marketing Director SANKO/ISKO™ division opened with an overview then students learned and experienced all the steps of denim production, from cotton balls to the latest washing technologies and forecasting trends. This real indigo experience will be crucial for their project focused on the creative theme “Genderful”, a celebration of the new, inclusive ways to conceive the multiple forms of self-expression, that are now overtaking normative gender categories for the promotion of new and evolving forms of gender identity.


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