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ISKO I-SKOOL™ 6 Final Award Ceremony – Fashion TV Video Report

Enjoy this great video-report from Fashion Tv on our Final Award Ceremony, featuring some exclusive contributions from our co-host Matthew Modine, Rosey Cortazzi, ISKO Global Marketing Director, and Mr. Fatih Konukoğlu, CEO of ISKO™ Division and Board Member of SANKO Group.

ISKO I-SKOOL™ 6 Final Award Ceremony - Fashion TV Video Report

Innovation in denim weaving, technical and creative revolutions

Over the course of the last decades, a massive amount of research has gone into denim, applying revolutionary new techniques to the traditional weave, to widen the repertoire of jeans and make them speak whole new languages.

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ISKO I-SKOOL® 5 presents the winners of its Denim Design Digital Prize.

The fifth edition of ISKO I-SKOOL® has now closed its very last phase: the Denim Design Digital Prize. The online contest started on October 22nd and officially ended on November 4th, with the announcement of its three winners.

Denim Design Digital Prize 2018


Discover the new edition of ISKO I-SKOOL™ 2016/2017, now launching the Denim Design Award. Registration is open until February 15th, 2017 to students of fashion design all over the world, for the fourth edition of the contest, with Denim Design Award unveiling a bold “Creative Theme”: GENDERFUL.