Exploring Copenhagen: signs of culture, architecture and design

Exploring Copenhagen: signs of culture, architecture and design

During the last Copenhagen Fashion Summit, on May 10th 2017, a selected group of contestants from ISKO I-SKOOL™ 3 Denim Design Award edition unveiled a breathtaking Dynamic Exhibition for a contest that has seen a brand-new sustainable version of the projects that have led them to the final in last year’s contest.


While in the iconic capital of Denmark for this important occasion, we have asked the participating students to explore the city of Copenhagen with their own eyes and tools, trying to find traces and signs of sustainability wherever they could see them.

These signs could be found in cultural artifacts, architecture, music, food, and whatever was a source of inspiration for the students.
The purpose of this “inner city exploration tour” was to create a moodboard imagining a new denim collection inspired by the city, trying to capture in design the emotions that the capital of Denmark, one of the shining examples of sustainability in fashion and other sectors, was able to bring to the mind of our students.

The results have been amazing.

The students from ISKO I-SKOOL™ 3rd edition Denim Design Award have created 10 fascinating moodboards capturing the essence of the city, depicting new ways to design denim, starting from a cultural and sustainable approach, in order to imagine a new future for fashion as well.



Take a look at the 10 Moodboards produced by ISKO I-SKOOL™ 3 students



Anna Biotti from IUAV



Annie Ansell from Chelsea UAL



Danielle Thaxton from FIDM




Elena Trukhina from ESMOD Munich



Ester Rigato from IUAV



Farah Sherif Wali from POLIMODA



Quinton Lovelace from FIDM